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If you haven’t been following our Facebook page, we have a new gelding named Monty.  Monty, whose Jockey Club name is Kellis Nevada, is a 21 year old OTTB who has been playing polo most of his life, and now needs an easier life due to some hock arthritis.  Since his polo owner is in South Dakota, she could have offered him a retirement there, but she tried that and he simply could not take the winters – he lost weight from the cold despite ample feed.  So Monty is with us to find a nice home in a warm climate where he can live the rest of his life.

I figure being cute as pie isn't going to hurt his adoption chances!

I figure being cute as pie isn’t going to hurt his adoption chances!

Monty rode so quietly the first weekend we had him that we were wondering what his owner was talking about when she said he could still have some spirit, but then we saw it this past weekend – he decided there was a spooky corner of the arena.  Nothing bad, and easily dealt with but it definitely upgraded him from “beginner safe” to being “more suitable for an intermediate rider.”  He is extremely well trained and will be fine, just for somebody with a bit of confidence who will close their legs on him and re-assure him that he’s just fine and can go into the spooky corner.  (I’m not totally convinced it wasn’t a game related to the fact that the hay truck was going around and he was concerned he might miss dinner, either!)  Great mouth, great whoa, beautiful gait transitions!  Takes both leads without a second thought, no one-sidedness.

We have also noticed that Monty is a slow eater, so while he would love to live on pasture in his next home, he will need to either live with another slow eater to ensure he gets his fair share, or be fed separately.  Other than that, we haven’t seen any management issues.  He is getting along fine in turnout with our mares (everyone comes in during the day time and goes out overnight to ensure both adequate turnout and separate feeding), he’s a good drinker and he polishes off his food (eventually).

Meanwhile, China is also doing wonderfully.  We’re starting to work on getting her to lower her head and go in a more relaxed frame, and it’s coming along.  I know it is all totally new to her!


Bend?  What, like my neck?

Bend? What, like my neck?

Outside the polo and barrel racing worlds, I find a lot of people are just freaked by a high headset. They are used to horses who only raise their head when a spook or other explosion is imminent, and aren’t used to horses who just go that way. China has not spooked even once, at anything – or done anything else wrong – but this is how she goes, naturally. Our volunteer Taylor is working on getting her to go in a little less intimidating style. 🙂

Think you might be interested in giving Monty or China the wonderful home every horse deserves? E-mail us and let’s chat! If one of these isn’t right for you, but you are looking, please let us know and we’ll keep an eye out for that perfect horse. Or if your barn is full, but you like what we’re doing and want to help with our great big whopping board bill, please consider setting up a $25 per month donation (the “subscription” button) or a one time donation. 🙂

Next blog will be updates on our retirees:  Sweetie, Juesa and Chiquita!