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I went to the auction, which I do all the time without buying, but this time I saw something I had to have. Just too pretty to go to kill! Fortunately she was only $140. We’re going to let her eat for a while before we climb on and see what we’ve got.  But she was ridden through the sale, which is generally a good sign!

Needs weight and better feet but a really nice mare underneath it all!

Needs weight and better feet but a really nice mare underneath it all!

Trying to figure out what we have breed wise. She’s 16 hands. Possibly Anglo Arab? Or just a really pretty TB? Or a pretty headed Appendix? Haven’t figured it out yet. No tattoo.


We did, however, trim her feet, give her a bath, and name her Bella since we knew that would make Raquel happy. When you have a 12 year old in the house, you give rescue horses Twilight names. This was her opinion of the bath. Or maybe the name. Not sure.

I LIKE dirt, why did you have to take it all off of me?

But I LIKE dirt!
Why did you have to take it all off of me?

In other news, our two adoptable horses are just riding wonderfully and waiting for only one thing – someone to take them home!

Mr. Monty this past Sunday.  He was so good!   Thanks to Kailey for coming out and riding him.  And yes, he desperately needs to be clipped.  He has a mohawk  🙂



We tried Miss China with a kid to see how she’d behave. She was great! She wouldn’t be for a beginner because she still has a motor but her behavior is perfect. This mare still has not ever so much as spooked. She’s wonderful.


China being a rockstar with 12 year old Raquel

And you could not ask for a sweeter attitude. Here she is sharing a grain pan with our mare Canela.


Nom nom nom!

In other news, we are now part of the Homes for Horses Coalition (see link at top left) and we are on Great Nonprofits, where you can read our reviews (link up there, too).

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If you’d just like to meet us, volunteer or come pet a horse, e-mail us!

A VERY exciting update is coming this weekend…

Polo Pony Rescue, Inc. received its Federal 501(c)3 determination today!  This means that your donations (going back retroactively to our date of formation, 12/31/12) are tax deductible.

Thank you, and don’t forget you can help by sending a paypal donation to or buying us a surprise from our Amazon Wish List.   Our horses thank you!


Feed me.  I swear, the lady is starving me...

Feed me. I swear, they are starving me…really!