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Sometimes we hear the opinion that rescues should just DIY everything to save money – and believe me, we do.  Everyone on our board of directors mucks stalls, feeds and water.  But when it comes to training – a.k.a. the #1 most important factor in ensuring a horse can find and keep a great home – we happily write a check.


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How Gypsy rode upon intake – September 2014

And how Gypsy rides now:

Gypsy is a 15 year old 16.1 hand Thoroughbred mare, ex race horse but not ex polo, and she is available now. Thank you to Danica Reslock of Brass Ring Sun Farms for her hard work fixing our giraffe horse! (And to Jodi Heaston for massage and Dr. Jeff Chavis for chiro – those definitely helped, too!)  Adoption fee $800. Click on “forms and policies” to your left for more information!