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Inevitably, when there is a thread online and people are expressing disgust at the condition of a neglected animal, a particular kind of person will make an appearance. I will call them Betty Bowers (if you don’t “get” that, you should google it).  Betty pops in and begins to preach sanctimoniously along these lines:

Who are you to judge?

Maybe they were old and sick and couldn’t take care of their animals!

Maybe the horse is really old!  (Cue:  Cathy’s head exploding.)

Maybe they were doing the best they could do!

You don’t know the whole story.

So, I decided to strike a pre-emptive blow at the Betty Bowers of this world.  We took in an emaciated Hanoverian mare today. To say that she is underweight is an understatement.

I sure miss the days when I got fed.

I sure miss the days when I got fed.

And it’s not just weight. Her feet haven’t been trimmed in forever.  She has sores on her hips from lying down in her bony state.  I doubt she’s been brushed this year.  We got her because her owner got a “warning” from Animal Control and decided it was in her best interests to give away the horses fast (a.k.a. “Hide the Evidence”).  I later found out the identity of the owner, so I perused her Facebook to see the whole story.  Maybe I’d see the sad tale of how she was dying from an incurable cancer, or was a 93 year old woman with Alzheimer’s who clearly didn’t even remember she had horses.



You can tan, or you can go feed your 4 horses, sitting and waiting at their self-care barn for you to show up.  I guess the beach won.



OK, maybe you could go feed your horses after the beach…no, wait, it’s time to go drink champagne on a date.



Yay hot tubs!  I deserve this!


I don’t have money to buy feed or call the vet but there’s always room in the budget for beer and bikinis!


This lady’s Facebook was a compilation of beaches, bars, boobs and some particularly horrifying pictures and videos of Skinny Mare being ridden in this condition by her kids, who clearly had no idea what they were doing was wrong.

The mare is safe. She has plenty to eat. She will see the vet tomorrow – at last.

And that is the whole story.  

I hope her implants explode. If that makes me a bad person, I will wear that badge with pride.